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MyHand has several adaptive and sensitive grips. The fingers will fold around any given form or object and you actively help the hand to make a fist or point the index finger. For optimal grip we are now introducing MySkin.


Product details

Size: 7 ¾

Grip patterns: Pinch, power, tripod, fist, point.

Max power grip: 120N. Max tripod grip: 60 N

Weight: 575g


MySkin ™

Natural appearance. 
Optimal grip.
Effective protection of the mechanics.


Our prosthetic glove MySkin provides a natural appearance to MyHand and enhances a strong and secure grip. It also protects the prosthesis when exposed to water and dirt. 

The combination of soft silicone and strong inner mesh lining, makes the glove very flexible, as well as robust and durable.

The Hy5 glove appearance is based on a real hand to achieve the highest degree of naturalness. The glove comes in several different skin colours. Talk to your local clinical expert to find the perfect colour for you.


Product details

Size: 7 ¾ 

Colours: six different skin tones, and flat black.

Variants: Right / Left


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